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Links to some home exercise programs (sorted alphabetically):
The 11+ (soccer)

ACL/TKR Injury Home Exercise Sheet
ACL Advanced Home Exercise Sheet
Advanced Sports Specific Home Exercise Program
Ankle Home Exercise Program

Balance and Falls Prevention

Cervical-Neck Home Exercise Program
Change Your Lifestyle after Stroke
Clamshells Exercises
Concussion Handout
Core and Lower Extremity Home Exercises

Elbow Home Exercise Program

Hand/Wrist Steching and Strengthening Exercises
Headache Release Home Exercise Program

Knee Injury Exercise Sheet
Knee Extension Exercise Sheet
Knee Injury Prevention for Runners

Lower Extremity Nerve Gliding Home Exercise Sheet
Lower Extremity SLR/Tubing Home Exercise Program
Lower Extremity Strengthening Home Exercise Program
Lower Extremity Strecthing Home Exercise Sheet
Lumbar Core Stabilization Home Exercise Program
Lumbar Extension Home Exercises
Lumbar Home Exercise Program
Lumbar Spine Exercise
Lunges Exercises

Managing and Preventing Back Pain

Patellar Taping Home Exercises
Preparing for Knee Replacement Surgery
Preventing Osteoporosis
Proper Shoe Selection Handout

Rehabilitation after a heart attack
Return to Gardening
Return to Golfing Progression Program
Rib Stretch on ball
Rib Stretching

Shoulder Advanced Stretch & Strengthening Home Exercises
Shoulder Home Exercise Program
Shoulder Internal Rotation Stretching Exercises
Shoulder Isometric Exercises
Shoulder Scapular Strengthening Exercises
Shoulder Stretching and Strengthening Exercises
Shoulder Stretching Exercises
Shoulder Tubing Exercises
Standing Shoulder Home Exercise Program
Shoveling Smart Ideas

Throwers Ten Exercise Program

Upper Body Maintenance Program in Under 1 Minute
Upper Extremity nerve glides and Cervial Retraction Home Exercise Programs
Upper Extermity Nerve Gliding (Tray) Home Exercises

Vitamin D Handout

Youth Softball Warmup

Physician Name AddressTelephoneFax
Eric Parrish, MPT 805 N. Richmond Street
Suite 103
Fleetwood, PA 19522
610-944-8140 610-944-8190
Chris S. Gordos, DPT 805 N. Richmond Street
Suite 103
Fleetwood, PA 19522
610-944-8140 610-944-8190